Three -In-One Trivet
1.  Use as a TRIVET to hold hot bowls, spoons and pots.
2.  Use as  a JUMBO COASTER to hold beverages and to protect tables, desk and night stands.
3.  Use as a PLAQUE to sit on a table, desk or counter to inspire.

Four natural stone 6"x6"" tiles are embellished with beautiful scripture verses and cradled in a handcrafted wood holder. Choose from oatmeal or white marble tile colors.  Each scripture is creatively designed and precisionly cut from heat/cold resistant vinyl and permanently adheres to the tiles.  The coasters are backed with cork to protect furnishings.  May I suggest that you give them a home on an entry way table, mantle or any area of your choosing to be a blessing to others.

3 in1 Trivet "For We Live By Faith"