Paje...many people have asked me,  "What is its meaning"?  I quickly reply that it means Pat and Jesus.  You see, I've taken two letters of each name and combined them to make one name.  Not only is Jesus my Savior, He is my guide and my inspiration for all that you will view as you explore the pages of our website,

God gifted me with the ability to be creative, and I realized in my high school years that I wanted to use my talents to teach art.  Now, as a retired art teacher of 36 years, I have been divinely inspired to join  together my love for design and my love for God to create  scriptural and inspirational products and gifts.

In September 2016, after realizing that God was nudging me to us my talents to glorify him, I  began to give some thought as to what I would do.  My devotional life was quite important to me and I enjoyed journaling  many of my favorite scriptures.  I decided that I would find a way to creatively bring these scriptures to life.  My niece, who owns a T-shirt business, suggested a machine that would allow me to use my artistic abilities to design layouts using a variety of fonts.  I then had to decide on the type of material in which to attach the layout.  Well, as the Lord would have it, underneath my stairwell were several ceramic tiles.  I began to work with this idea and thus Script2TilesbyPaje was birthed.  It was so amazing to see how God made provisions for all that I needed.  The ideas, resources, people and even the materials were provided so effortlessly that I knew that this was  his  will for me.  My husband, Manasseh, and I stepped out on faith and were able to sell our wares as vendors at our first Bazaar, November 2016.  We did amazingly well.  God Is Awesome!

Manasseh is my partner and right hand and has been a gem in helping me from the inception of our business.    His expertise is in carpentry and assembling clocks.  As I creatively design our products, he adds the much-needed finishing touches and manages the quality control.  He also fills the many gaps needed to help our business succeed.  We make a great team and I thank God for him!

Not only are our coasters, plaques, trivets, and clocks embellished with inspiring messages, but they are quite nifty and multi-functional.  Hang them on a wall in a grouping or sit them on an easel to enhance a table, mantel or desk.  They can be used when serving food or beverages.  As an extra bonus, we offer personalizing, which is always a special option for that special someone who has everything.

In 2017, we had a website designed to introduce and highlight our many products.  In addition, our products line was extended to included sorority and fraternity, clubs, churches, and other organizations.  We have sold our products as vendors at numerous shows, bazaars and  conferences throughout Maryland, DC, and Virginia.  Currently, we are selling our products on our online website:,  our online store, 

We are getting noticed on Google and recently we received our first international order from Ireland.

God continues to bless Manasseh and me as we strive to live out his purpose in our lives.  It is our desire to grow Script2TilesbyPaje to one day provide employment opportunities for others.  We welcome you to visit our website to see our many inspirational gift ideas.  Please email us with any questions, concerns or request and be blessed.